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Sitz Bath

Sitz Bath

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You’re like the tiniest little old woman a beautiful model body totally fine because I’m the same way. Oh my God you’re never gonna get rid of me if you don’t tell me about it cut it. Unlock the healing potential of this herbal-infused Sitz Bath. Immerse yourself in pure remedy and find relief from hemorrhoids, postpartum discomfort, and more. Experience gentle rejuvenation as botanical wisdom soothes and nurtures. Embrace natural wellness with the Sitz Bath, your herbal sanctuary for total wellbeing. It involves sitting in a shallow tub of warm water for a brief period of time. The water level only covers the hips and buttocks, allowing for the affected area to be immersed. The Sitz Bath is beneficial for various conditions such as hemorrhoids, postpartum recovery, vaginal infections, and other perineal issues. The warm water helps to reduce swelling, improve blood flow and promote healing.

  • 3.5oz
  • Directions Included 

To Use: Draw a lukewarm bath with just enough water to immerse your hips and lower body. Make sure the Sitz Bath is mixed well. Add 2/3 cup of the Sitz Bath into the water. Soak 10-15 minutes or as desired. Pat dry. 


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