Sinus and Congestion Tea: Includes:
~Rooibos Tea- contains quercetin, an antioxidant which blocks “mast cells” — immune cells which trigger allergic reactions. Red tea may be effective in treating all types of allergic reactions including skin reactions, asthma, hay fever, and allergy-related bronchitis.
~Green Tea-Japanese researchers found that EGCG, the abundant antioxidant compound in green tea, may help stop your body from mounting an immune response to a wide range of allergens, including pollen, pet dander, and dust.
~Peppermint Leaves- contains a volatile oil called menthol that acts as a natural decongestant and can help provide immediate relief from sneezing, wheezing, and a stuffy nose.
~Eucalyptus Leaves- may help to expel phlegm and mucus that is causing chest congestion and making it difficult for you to breath and may treat all sorts of respiratory ailments such as laryngitis, bronchitis, emphysema and other infections.
~Chamomile- one of the properties of chamomile flowers is its anti-inflammatory effects. Chamomile is also effective in reducing the symptoms of pain & pressure due to inflammation in the nasal cavity and helps lesson the production of mucus.
~Ginger- helps you hydrate and steam out the sinuses, but it also contains anti-inflammatory gingerol, which reduces inflammation in your mucus membranes.
~Lemon Balm- fights against sinusitis causing germs, bacteria and fungus and reduces the infection.
~ Frankincense-aids Lung Qi circulation and is effective in the treatment of asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis, as well as Lung heat issues with coughing and wheezing. It invigorates the blood, and calms the Heart; anxiety, depression. It also reduces swelling and is an strong anti-oxidant.
~ Hibiscus- is effective in treating cough and cold symptoms thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C
~ Blueberries- are jammed back full of antioxidants that help fight free radicals that contribute to chronic sinusitis. Furthermore, they protect the mucus membrane.
~ Elderberry- can help clear sinus infections, it's also a natural diuretic and laxative and can ease symptoms of allergies.
~Lemon- can help in clearing your sinuses, which helps to reduce congestion and discomfort. Lemon juice has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe a sore throat that often accompanies sinus congestion or an infection.
Sinus and Congestion Tea

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