Lemon Ginger Detox Tea! I sent this out to a client in Texas yesterday wanting to get her body back in balance with a good detox tea! 3-5 cups a day for 7 days. This tea is: China Green Tea, White Peony Tea, Lemon Ginger Tea, Ginger Crystals, Cleavers, Frankincense, Elderberry, Chamomile and Calendula. Also dried lemon that I cut up and mixed in. This taste great, smells wonderful and is so good for your body! One of the main herbs in this is Cleavers. Cleavers can aid in pushing unwanted fluid around the body to disperse evenly throughout. 

Dont forget about the tea infusers or teapots with infuser inside of it! Check out our tea accessories! 

Comes in a 20oz jar. 20-35 cups of tea. 1oz tea to 1 cup

Detox Tea

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