The Herbal Bug Spray is our #1 top seller. This spray has 5 essential oil blends that repel against all your REGIONALLY SEASONAL nuisance insects! In addition to keeping pesky bugs away this totally organic bug spray also contains three botanical waters and Vitamin E. That means that this must have product is soothing when used proactively as well as healing in the event we forget to spray beforehand.

This Herbal Bug Spray is safe for all skin types as well as completely safe for children & pets. 100% organic! Absolutely NO HARSH CHEMICALS!

Repells against: mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums, tics, fleas and flies. 

Kills on contact: wasps, spiders, ants, flies, hornets, june bugs, tics, fleas, mosquitoes & gnats.

Herbal Bug Repellent 8oz

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