Ridgeland Store is now open!!!

Caroline Warner

We are so excited that our new storefront located in Ridgeland, Mississippi is now open! After a few months of construction delays and so much blood, sweat and tears poured in...our beautiful store is finally open. 

I can't decide what is my favorite part - the raw herb and tea wall where you can build your own custom teas or the book nook where you can find your next perfect read on herbalism. Maybe its the area that I can finally feature my personal products and people can actually smell and feel the products in person (so hard to do on the online store).

Actually, I know what it is...my favorite part is the team. Camille and Page have made this such a wonderful experience. I don't think I could, and certainly wouldn't want to do this without them. I hope everyone that visits gets the same joy out of meeting them that I have working with them!

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