Smudging is a age old ritual that purifies and raises the vibration in your space, helping to create balance in your life. By lighting a beautiful Smudge Wand you will be banish unwanted energy, while bringing clarity and light to your sacred space. Smudging is a beautiful addition to a meditation practice.

Each smudge wand is hand wrapped and a unique work of natural art, that is infused with love and positive energy. Crafted from organically farmed white sage, rose buds, and lavender, and bundled with natural hemp twine. 

White Sage- Will raise the vibration in your home or space, absorbing negativity and misfortune, allowing positive energies room to flourish.

Rose- brings in love & a happy home.

Lavender- clears the mind and brings peace, joy and healing to the home. It is an herb of love and friendship. Lavender is wonderful to burn when you need a creativity boost.
Small White Sage with Rosebud & Lavendar

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