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Microgreens Seeds - Non-GMO

Microgreens Seeds - Non-GMO

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Try all the different varieties of non-GMO microgreens we have to offer! Whether they are spicy, sweet, nutty or mild, there's something for everyone.

Microgreens grow quickly and have a high concentration of nutrients by volume.

Chives - Delicious onion flavor.

Carrots - Carrot flavor without the wait!

Peas - Succulent, crunchy stems with all the flavor of peas.*

Kale - Mild, tasty kale flavor and easy to grow.*

Alfalfa - Extra mild flavor adds texture to sandwiches and burgers.*

Broccoli - Mild flavor, fast-growing and full of vitamins.*

Cilantro - Classic cilantro flavor in tiny form. More effort required, but worth the wait.

Arugula - Spicy and fast growing, we love them in a salad or on a burger.*

Radish - Loads of spicy zest and the fastest growing green we have found.*

Sunflower - Nutty, sweet flavor on thick, juicy stems.

Beets - Unique chard-like flavor makes these a customer favorite.

Mizuna - A mustard with just such a flavor. Yum!*

*also great for sprouting.

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