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Magnesium Muscle Ache Rub

Magnesium Muscle Ache Rub

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CW Magnesium Muscle Ache Rub....on the go! 4 oz. travel tin.

The Magnesium Muscle Ache Rub is whipped to perfection with a blend of essential oils that when combined help to remove the calcium (the "ache" we feel) in the muscle, leaving you feeling pain free!

  • Magnesium and Avocado Butter
  • Green Tea
  • Frankincense
  • Turmeric
  • Proprietary CW Essential Oil Blend

Please note: all CW Organics products are handmade in house and 100 % completely organic. No harsh chemicals added. Color, labeling, and/or floral details may vary slightly.

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